mhm no. 15

Magazine of the University | 3th semester. Supervision: Prof. Xuyen Dam.

The Muenchner Hochschulmagazin is the official magazine of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The editorial department consists of students from the faculty of design and is responsible for the whole production as well as for the promotion and distribution of the magazine. Issue No.15 of the MHM (Magazine of the Munich University of Applied Sciences) deals with the title topic Escape. The subject surely was a reaction to the current political events. On the other hand the aim was to find out which different kinds of escape and flight people encounter in everyday life and how to deal with that subject as a designer.

Design concept. The design concept is completely contrary to the content of the magazine and thus breaks expected patterns: our layout has no outbreaks, it is dominated by absolute stringency. The grid is omnipresent, so that the individual texts are on an equal basis. Also the margin stays the same. We have chosen only one color (Pantone 3275U), that can be found throughout the magazine and that together with the fluorescent color creates different kinds of associations regarding to the topic escape.

Grid. The grid is the centerpiece of the magazine and is consequently observed. Two text columns and one marginal column establish the space for the articles, which follow each other one after another and side by side.

Separation of Pictures and Texts. Both parts are divided in an unusual and extreme way (series of pictures - articles - series of pictures). Only within the interviews we have integrated colored pictures and at the beginning of a series of pictures we have included a short introduction as well as captions in black.

Merchandising! For the release party of the magazine we printed posters and bags in the shape of the cover-design. The bags were distributed as a give-away during the event.

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